1990 Folsom Affordable Housing

1990 Folsom

Project Overview

Mixed use building consisting of a new seven-story tall front building in Type I-B concrete construction and a three-story tall rear building in Type V-B construction over a one-story Type I-A concrete ground floor on grade. There is a total of 143 residential units. The first floor will provide commercial arts-oriented PDR space, a childcare space, and residential services; the other floors consist of seven stories of family housing within the main building and three stories of townhomes above a concrete podium. Outdoor spaces are provided on the ground, second floor podium, eighth story and roof.

Start Date February 25, 2019
Location 21990 Folsom Street, San Francisco
Owner TNDC and the Mission Economic Development Agency
Client Nibbi Brothers
Schedule 24 months
End Date In progress